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Praise for Rory Freedman's Beg

"What begins as an endearing celebration of the animals we know best—our pets—becomes an impassioned entreaty on behalf of all creatures . . . any animal lover interested in deepening his or her commitment to animal welfare will find it a highly motivating call to action."
— Booklist

“Thanks to Rory Freedman people who love animals but don't know how to help them now have an all inclusive guide to being their savior.”
—Russell Simmons

"Rory Freedman has written a searing expose into the treatment of all sentient beings.  This is a heartbreaking read, yet necessary for the awakening of unconscious souls."
—Frances Fisher, actress

"This beautiful book weaves the author's personal story with individual and universal stories of animals in our world today. I want to put a copy in the hands of everyone I know!"
—Gretchen Ryan, internationally renowned artist

“Passionately argued, tender and harrowing. After Beg, we animal lovers can no longer be complacent, petting Fluffy’s soft head by the fire or taking comfort in protecting one species. Each shattering page provokes us to rise up on our Mama Bear hind legs, growling ferociously and clawing back against widespread abuse of our beloveds. HOW. DARE. THEY. Ready to make love an action verb? Beg is your essential handbook.”
—Lisa Bloom, New York Times bestselling author of Think and Swagger

“Rory Freedman heard the call of billions of suffering animals and was brave enough to answer it in print, in the media and in your face. She is an integral part of our fight for total animal liberation and has provided us with the gift of this new book which is sure to recruit more warriors of compassion to our cause.”  
—Simone Reyes, cast member of Running Russell Simmons and animal rights activist

“If there were a rock star advocate for animals, Rory Freedman would be it.  She's made the movement cool and charismatic, and she's brought it mainstream. I love that Skinny Bitch!”
-Kathy Freston, New York Times bestselling author of The Lean, Veganist, and Quantum Wellness

"I can honestly say that Rory has done more than any other person I know to promote the cause of compassion for animals.  Her energy and determination is unending and unapologetic, and it needs to be. Beg is a vital piece of literature for this growing movement in that it makes us take a look at the industries profiting off of the cruel mistreatment of animals and end it so we can live harmoniously on Planet Earth with all beings. Bravo my Sister!”
—John Joseph (Cro-Mags)    

BEG is an important book to read for anyone who cares about animals. Rory manages to educate, inspire and entertain all at once. I BEG you to read it.”
—Dr. Jenn Berman, host of VH1 “Couples Therapy”

"If you love your dog or cat, if you love animals, this book is a must. You will be talking about it for years, because it will change your life and make you a better person."  
—John Robbins, bestselling author Diet For A New America, The Food Revolution, and Co-founder of The Food Revolution Network

“Funny and Frank. Ms. Freedman doesn’t pussyfoot: she lays it on the line with her unembarrassed love for the dogs in her own life and a perfect plan as to how every dogophile can shake a leg to help dogs and other living beings who aren’t as lucky.”
—Ingrid Newkirk, cofounder and president PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)